Dream a little (day )dream of ...

Spring is on the way! yes, I do realize that this is only February, but on a day like today it feels more like May. All thoughts of winter are relegated to the back of my mind, much like the few trace piles of slushy snow remaining in the shadows on campus. My winter paleness try's to convince me to soak up the much missed sun, but the Irish in me says it won't do any good, and getting a sunburn in February is a *little* bit ridiculous. So I stick to the deliciously breezy shade, and hope for the best. The weather makes me want to read the Shakespeare that isn't due until Monday, instead of studying for the more immediate test I have to take. Makes me think about applying for summer jobs, and reminds me of all the wonderful things I want to cook. Fresh salsa, Kabobs on the grill, this summer I swear I will try my hand at fresh gazpacho, and sorbet, and a million other things I want so much to cook. I am trying really hard to reign myself in from all my wild day dreams. I feel like I could sit down and write a whole book about anything I wanted, creativity can't sleep on a day like today. Well, I could write about ALMOST anything...but not quite...Geology? No, not so much. So adieu my friends. I must away to study for the impending test. Until the morrow.(or whenever I get the chance)
For now enjoy this song  


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