Simply put, God is amazing.

I could leave it at that, and the statement would be just as true, and just as relevent, but I think that there is more to say. Not that it can ever all be said. But what is it that prompts this revelation? It's Sunday, so perhaps a wonderful teaching? I was teaching Sunday school, and had to miss second service to work on a paper, that at the moment only needs 200 more words, and the helpful editing of my wonderful mother(yes i am a suck up ;-) ), so I didn't get to hear the sermon. It wasn't a long and meaningful quiet time, another thing that got cut because of the paper, and my general forgetfulness. It was really just something simple. Something that many people might not even notice, or if they did they would label it as odd. But it was a really good reminder for me.
I have been sitting here in Panera, for going on 6 hours working on school. At about 4 a father and his teenage son came in and set up to do school and work. There was nothing about their appearance that made me pay any attention to them, but they talked to each other so nicely that it was a neat change from the endless groups of curt professionals that have filled and emptied the seats around me a half dozen times today. I smiled to myself at their relationship and moved on. About 10 minutes later I hear someone talking near me, I look over, and the boy was praying. In public. Out loud. A teenager. And he was praying alone, not because his dad told him to. I was impressed. He was praying not before he started to eat, but before he started school. Hmm...maybe I should have tried that ;-)
Thanks for the reminder God , and thank you that you work in the hearts of college students, even through total strangers!