Renewing my mind

Poetry gives a framework to my often jumbled and scattered thoughts. It allows the steadily pulsing stream of words to take shape and come to a resting place. When I write I never really "choose" to write a poem, it happens mostly by accident. Often i scribble them on a napkin, or save in a random email draft, or text to myself. I just stumbled across this one, which I wrote a few years back, and i knew it was time to dust it off, shape it up, and share it with you all.
So without further ado:
Renewing My Mind
Its hard to move forward and progress
When the heart inside of you is such a mess
Zero motivation,
keep succumbing to temptation to delay,
while my idle hands become the devils play--
Things are never easy
But hard work makes me queazy.
I wanna do what will please me
But then that leaves me
Stuck in the same place
Tears stain my face
Reminded of a hundred disgraces
Feel I've fallen from his good graces
Feet pace, mind races and suddenly Gods hand traces his plan
And embraces fallen man
Called me, loved and kept me
So why do I think he would forget or neglect me?
Reject me, no simply corrects me.
You see he died to protect me,
From His wrath
Saved by the atoning blood bath
Do the math,
Justice demands payment for sin
So you can just
I was in
A perfect death after a holy life
Was what God required to make my account right
Right with God, no right to sin
Must fight the evil that is within
So In anticipation of temptation I will pray in preparation
Guard my heart and guard my mind
God in front and God behind
Re-new your mind, remind
Because its love that sees
My flesh is blind
To my own sinfulness
Which got
Me in this mess
In the first place
Which Christ then erased
I know these are thoughts I've just repeated
But my SINS have been defeated, debt deleted.

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