Today is the first rosy cheeked day of fall. You know what I mean. Crisp cool air has finally broken through the muggy Maryland summer. Campus is a funny mix of outfits. Those who are trying desperately to cling to summer are shivering while they scuttle from one building to the next. Then there are the over-reactors. Bundled from head to toe as if snow was in the forecast. Fur lined boots, and knitted scarves are a personal favorite too, but their time will come a little later.
The third group, the one I am proud to belong to, are the "natives" although most come from colder places then Maryland. We recognize and welcome the arrival of autumn. Hoodies and jeans are the outfits of choice. But one thing is the same for all three groups: all arrive to class with pink cheeks. The brisk air bringing out a nice healthy color.
These are the days I love. Soups for dinner. I start my lookout for changing leaves. Stores stock their shelves with candy corn, pumpkin pie and crazy costumes.
Soon I will make my first gluten free pie, apple of course. Then I will know for sure that Fall is here! Sure, the calendar says we still have a whole week, but i know better. This is the beginning. The sign that just as it has every year, Summer fades to Fall. And just as I always await the arrival of Summer and it's lazy hazy days at the beach, I wait fir this. I look for signs of weather changes the instant school books arrive on my doorstep.
It just feels right to have cool weather for school. Mythology, morphology and mathematics are all more poetic when studied in a cozy chair with hot apple cider. Or under a fleece blanket.
As I write this I am reveling in the sweet cool air. Looking across campus. Enjoying the solitude of a picnic table nestled between two trees, still clothed in Summer splendor. The warm sun on my face when the breezes still. This is bliss.

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