heart break generation

We are the heart break generation.
 In and out of love faster than you can shake a stick. Constantly bombarded with the need for "love" but unable to access love, or a working relationship, because many have never seen it.
Or because we are simply too young to be trying. Younger and younger we search for fulfillment in relationships, drugs, sex and alcohol. Now maybe this is nothing new, but to me it is heartbreaking.

Over 25% of my "contemporaries" were never born. Never given a chance to experience love. My heart breaks. I understand that God is in control, and that He has a divine plan of redemption. But my heart is still breaking...over and over.

From the little boy I work with who can't do well in school, simply because he is starting out behind. Or the countless girls who believe that their value lies in their appearance and whether or not they have a boyfriend. I sit in my classes and here again and again the hurt and depression that surrounds these people. I work with people with deeply painful pasts. Multiple marriages, rehab, and even current alcoholism.They seek joy every weekend with temporary highs of drunken partying, and one night stands. "The best night of my life, but  don;t remember half of it" is a common theme. Sorority's and fraternities aren't the issue. The problem isn't sex ed programs, or bars that don't ID. The problem is sin. SIN. We live in a world broken beyond understanding. But not beyond repair. GOD will make all things new. He changes hearts. He washes pure the most promiscuous of sinners, he cleans up the foulest of mouths. He restores broken relationships and heals broken hearts. Even mine as it breaks daily for my generation.

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